Variety And Applications Of Filter Cartridge

Variety of Filter Cartridge
Filter cartridge sold by Hawach Scientific is of diverse types, such as membrane pleated filter cartridge, metal filter cartridge, microfiber pleated filter cartridge and other kinds of filter cartridges.

All of them are tested with good performance and provided with fire and high-temperature proof design, self-cleaning function, washable cylinder, utilization of high strength polyester material and long functional life. But each type also owns its distinct features, customers can order according to specific purposes and unique requirement.

Multi Pleated Filter Cartridges
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String Wound Filter Cartridges

Applications of Filter Cartridge

In order to provide better service for clients, there are some product details about applications.

Generally speaking, micro fiber pleated filter cartridge is widely used, from generation filtration to ultrafiltration; membrane pleated filter cartridge has a wide range of applications in the pharmaceutical, food, biological, beverage and high purity water preparation industries.

The metal filter cartridge includes stainless steel filter cartridge and titanium alloy filter cartridge, which provides good corrosion, high temperature, and high-pressure resistance, it is suitable for operating under strong acid and alkali condition.

Besides, there are other kinds of the filter cartridge with specific applications, such as water purification, oil filed and swimming pool water treatment. For more details, please contact us.