Types of Filter Capsule

Generally, there are five types of filter capsule based on the membrane it contains, which includes PES, PP, PTFE, Nylon and GF type. The former three types are widely applied in various fields and receive great feedback from the users.

PES Filter Capsule

The PES filter capsule uses hydrophilic PES membrane with good chemical compatibility and biosafety. It is sealed with hot melt welding technology without binders. The PES filter capsule has excellent resistance to the protein and low extraction of other solutions. It can be continuously subjected to 121℃ high-pressure steam sterilization for 3 times. It is suitable for the filtration of drugs, food, beverage, and cosmetic products and purification of water, chemicals, and reagents.

PP Filter Capsule

The filter medium for the PP filter capsule is the PP membrane with stable performance and great chemical compatibility. It can be sterilized by steam or ETO pressure heating. The PP filter capsule could be used for the filtration of various solvents with high efficiency and superior purity under different pH and temperature conditions, such as organic solvents, chemical reagents, and inks. It can also be applied in the medical, electronic and food industry.

PTFE Filter Capsule

The PTFE filter capsule employs hydrophobic PTFE membrane, which is fit for the filtration of solvents and corrosive solutions, as well as the filtration for air and gas vent. It is safe and convenient for the operators since it is designed to be disposable.