To Know More About Activated Carbon Filter Cartridge

The activated carbon filter cartridge is made of high-quality shell carbon and coal-based activated carbon, supplemented by food-grade binders. It is processed by special techniques with high technology. It integrates adsorption, filtration, interception, and catalysis and can effectively remove organic matter, residual chlorine and other radioactive substances in water, and has the effect of discoloration and odor removal, making it ideal for liquid and air purification industry.

Filter method

Activated carbon is mainly made of substances with high carbon content, such as wood, coal, nutshell, bone, petroleum residue and so on, with coconut shells as the most commonly used raw material. Under the same conditions, the active quality and other characteristics of coconut shell activity are the best, because it has the largest specific surface.

Activated carbon is multi-pore charcoal with a very rich pore structure and good adsorption characteristics. Its adsorption is made by physical and chemical absorption, and its appearance is black. In addition to the main charcoal, it contains a small amount of hydrogen, nitrogen, and oxygen. Its structure is similar to a hexagon.


The activated carbon filter cartridge has a true deep structure with dual functions of filtration and purification. The filter cartridge has a nominal filtration accuracy of 10 microns. No filter aids need to be added during use, and no filtration after carbon treatment is required. Each activated carbon filter cartridge contains many plant sulfur-free activated carbon particles. It is used for the cleaning of electroplating liquid, and the plating layer is pinhole or brittle due to the fact that the filter cartridge does not precipitate fibers or other substances.

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coal active block(UTO) filter cartridge


There are two main types: compressed activated carbon filter cartridge and bulk activated carbon filter cartridge.

1. The compressed activated carbon filter cartridge adopts coal adsorption activated carbon with high adsorption value and coconut shell activated carbon as a filter material and is sintered and formed by food-grade binder sintering. It is wrapped with a layer of non-woven fabric inside and outside, ensuring that the carbon core itself does not drop the carbon powder. The carbon core is provided with a soft nitrile rubber gasket at both ends to insert the carbon core into the filter cartridge, making it is well sealed.

Bulk activated carbon filter cartridge

2. It fills the required activated carbon granules into a special plastic housing, which is welded the end cap to both end faces of the housing by means of welding equipment, and the two ends of the casing are respectively placed into a non-woven fabric for filtering to ensure that the carbon core does not drop toner and black water during use. According to the customer’s needs, the housing end cover can be made into different types of connectors. The interface modes are flat pressure type, pipeline type.


The activated carbon filter cartridge is suitable for process water and solution purification in semiconductor, electronic device, printed circuit board, electroplating industry, food, and beverage industry. It is applicable to the following industries:

1.Chemical and petrochemical industry: solvent, paint, magnetic pulp, detergent, and liquid wax, etc.
2.Pharmaceutical and pharmaceutical industries: hospital water, pharmaceutical injections, and medium liquids, etc.
3.Electronics industry: electric liquid, printing line and so on.
4.Food industry: food, beverages, drinking water, and alcohol, etc.