The Pressure Difference Of The Filter Bags

The pressure difference is often the symbol which is used to judge the service life of filter bags. The filter bags need to be replaced when the pressure difference rises to the set point. And the service life of filter bags is often regarded as a criterion for judging the quality of filter bags by users. The general view is that the longer the service life of filter bags is, the better the quality of filter bags will be.

Actually, the pressure difference of filter bags has been affected by many aspects, such as the flow medium, the viscosity, the penetration of filter material and so on.

When the filter is replaced with a new filter bag, we can read out an initial pressure difference. The initial pressure difference is related to judging the quality of filter bags. And generally speaking, the initial pressure difference is directly related to the following three factors:

First is the flow rate. When the actual flow exceeds the design flow of the filter bag, the initial pressure difference will be higher.
Second is the viscosity. The higher viscosity means the higher initial pressure difference.
Third is the permeability. The lower permeability means the higher pressure difference.