The Introduction of Filter Bag

The filter bag is made of porous staple non-woven fabrics or nylon woven nets and other materials which are heat sealed or vehicle sewed. The filter bag is the key part of the operation of the bag filter.
Characteristics of the filter bag
The filter bag is the most high-performance representative in the filter material industry. It is also the highest performance variety in all commonly used filter materials. It has reached a high level of filtration efficiency and accuracy.
Classification of the filter bag
1. According to the shape of the filter bag cross-section, it can be divided into a flat bag (trapezoidal and flat) and around bag (cylindrical).
2. According to the way of air in and out, it can be divided into two types: downwind, upwind, downwind and direct current (limited to flat bags).
3. According to the filtering mode of the filter bag, it can be divided into external and internal filtering modes.
4. According to the use environment of the filter bag and the temperature-resistant procedure, it can be divided into normal temperature, medium temperature, and high temperature.