The Introduction of Capsule Filter

Capsule filter, which is also called disposable filter, is composed of the outer shell and the filter. The outer shell is usually made of high temperature polypropylene material. This kind of polypropylene material on the surface of the capsule filter does not contain adhesives and other chemicals. The property of this material is to ensure that the sample is not polluted. The filter has filter membranes and pore sizes. People can choose the most suitable filter for their researches. And the filter can be sterilized under high pressure, which is applicable for filtering low-dose liquid, gases or precious low-volume liquid in the industry and so on.

Filter Capsules Gas Filter Capsules
According to the different characteristics of the capsule filter, different filter membranes are used. There are some common species of the different filter membranes. The hydrophobic polytetrafluoroethylene(PTFE)filter membrane is suitable for filtering solvents and corrosive solution, or air and gas. The hydrophilic polypropylene (PP) filter membrane is suitable for making the prefilter of reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration. It is used to filtering water solution or the solvent samples. The nylon membrane has the characteristics of fast flow rate and low extractable level, which is suitable for the filtration of large volume samples.