The Introduction and Classification of Capsule Filter

Brief introduction of the capsule filter

The bag filter is also called abandoned filter. Its shell is made of high-temperature polypropylene material. The inner filter core is made of folded filter core welded together by hot fusion. It is suitable for filtering small doses of liquid, gas or industrial precious small doses such as a 1-20L laboratory. Volume liquids, etc.

Classification of the capsule filter

According to the different characteristics of the capsule filter, different media are used. The following are the commonly used series:

1.RFPT uses hydrophobic polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) membrane, which is suitable for solvent and corrosive solution filtration, air and gas vent filtration.

2.RFPP capsule filter uses a hydrophilic polypropylene (PP) membrane, which is suitable for reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration, ink filtration, etc. It is suitable for filtering the water solution and solvent sample.

3. Nylon membrane is chosen for RFPN capsule filter, which has the characteristics of fast flow rate and low extractable level. The pre-filtration medium containing glass fiber can be selected to prolong the service life of nylon membrane, which is suitable for the filtration treatment of large volume samples and sad filtration samples.

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