The Integrity Detection Method Of Filter Housing

Foaming point testing method Of Filter Housing

When the filter membrane and filter element are completely soaked with a certain solution, and then pressurized on one side through the gas source (there is an intake control system in our instrument, which can stabilize the pressure and regulate the intake), with the increase of pressure, the gas is released from one side of the filter membrane, showing that there are bubbles of different sizes and quantities on one side of the membrane, which can be judged by the instrument. The corresponding pressure value is the bubble point.

Diffusion flow testing method Of Filter Housing

Diffusion flow test means that when the gas pressure is 80% of the foaming point value of the filter core, there is not a small amount of gas perforation, but a small amount of gas dissolves first into the liquid phase diaphragm, and then diffuses from the liquid phase to the gas phase on the other side. This part of the gas is called diffusion flow.

Water intrusion testing method Of Filter Housing

Water intrusion method is specially used for testing the hydrophobic filter element. Under certain pressure, the pore size of the filter element can be determined by measuring the water flow into the filter membrane.