The Definition and Application of Capsule Filter

The structure of capsule filtration components is compact, which is quite convenient to use. More than that, its design could meet the highest standard of reliability, security and user convenience.

In order to satisfy numerous needs, it combines all other kinds of the filtration medium, pore size rating, and superficial area. Every capsule filter is made of compact and folded filtration components, which is sealed in a solid and disposal Polyacrylic cover.

According to the unique and advanced craft, filtration components and the cover are thermally bonded into an independent unit. It is the permanently sealed integrity structure which provides the most powerful guarantee for the filtration capability, reliability and security in the widespread fluid and applications.

Capsule filter should provide various size and different kinds of adaptors so that it could easily and quickly connect to the most filtration system.

Capsule filter could satisfy key requirements to contamination in many fields, such as pharmacy, biology, biological processing, electron, chemical industry, beverage, cosmetics and so on. In addition, it is used for controlling the particles and microbial pollution in liquid and gas, which provides reliability and convenience in testing.

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