The Classification of Filter Cartridge

Air filter cartridge

The air filter cartridge is also called air filter. It is mainly used for air filtration in engineering locomotives, automobiles, agricultural locomotives, laboratories, aseptic operating rooms and various precision operating rooms.

PP melt-blown filter cartridge

PP filter cartridge is also called PP melt-blown filter cartridge. The melt-blown filter cartridge is made of polypropylene superfine fibers entangled by hot melt. The fibers randomly form a three-dimensional micro-pore structure in space. The dimension pore size is gradient distribution along the flow direction of the filtrate. It integrates surface, deep layer and fine filtration, and can intercept impurities of different particle sizes.

Wire wound filter cartridge

It is refined from textile fiber yarn with good filtration performance by precisely winding on a porous skeleton. Its yarn materials are polypropylene fiber, acrylic fiber, degreased cotton fiber and so on.

Pleated microporous filter cartridge

The pleated microporous filter cartridge is made of polypropylene thermal spraying fiber membrane, Nylon polytetrafluoroethylene (PTEE) microporous filter membrane and so on. It has the advantages of small size, large filtering area, and high precision.

Activated carbon filter cartridge

The activated carbon filter cartridge can be divided into active block carbon filter cartridges and granular activated carbon filter cartridges.