The Basics You Should Know About The Capsule Filter

Hawach is a tech-driven company that commits to research and development of innovative lab products to improve experiment conditions and results. It has developed a full product range composed of core materials with unique performance capabilities.

The filter capsule, also known as the integral filter, could ensure there is no contaminant in the sample. The PP filter capsule uses a laminated filter membrane with a large filtration surface area, which is suitable for the filtration of large volume solutions. It has different available bore sizes provided.

Hawach capsule filter uses different filter media depending on the characteristics of the filter object. The following are the commonly used series:

1. It adopts hydrophobic polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) filter membrane, which is suitable for solvent and corrosive solution filtration, air and gas vent filtration.
2. It uses hydrophilic polypropylene (PP) filter membrane, suitable for reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration pre-filter, ink filtration, and also for filtering aqueous and solvent samples.
3. It can be made of nylon membrane, which has the characteristics of a fast flow rate and low level of extractable. Pre-filter media with glass fiber can be used to extend the service life of nylon membranes, suitable for filtration of larger volume samples and difficult-to-filter samples.

Others include lithography capsule filter, ink capsule filter, fuel capsule filter, developer capsule filter, and toothpaste additive capsule filter.

Filter Capsules
Gas Filter Capsules


The housing and supporting material of the PP filter capsule are made of high-quality polypropylene material with polypropylene film as the filter medium. It is sealed completely by a special process without binders and other chemicals. Also, it could provide high filtration efficiency and good purity for a wide range of various solvents under different pH and temperature conditions. The high throughput feature is also quite prominent. It can be sterilized by steaming or the ETO pressure heating method.

1. The threaded interface with various adapters for conversion.
2. Suitable for filtering 1-20 liter laboratory and various machine terminal filters.
3. The disposable capsule filter cartridge structure does not require an extraction thimble device, which reduces the risk of splashing and leakage compared to conventional filtration methods and is easy to install.
4. Capsule filters with different pore sizes can be combined for pre-filtration and terminal filtration to meet extremely demanding filtration requirements.


The PP filter capsule is capable of being used as a pre-filter for the reverse osmosis water system in the electronic industry and the filtration of ink and organic solvents in the chemical industry. It is also suitable for the filtration of liquid medicine, cell debris, biological products in the pharmaceutical industry. It could also be adopted for gas filtration, including the filtration of compressed air, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, etc.

The HAWACH capsule filter is used as a pre-filter for reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration, filtration of inks and dyes, and developer.
It is suitable for the filtration of solvents and corrosive solutions, and venting of air and gas. It is widely used in the filtration of dyes in CD-R and DVD-R production in the optical storage industry, filtration of photoresists in the production of LCDs, and filtration of solvents and liquids in the chemical industry, biomedicine, food industry and laboratory.

What’s more, Hawach capsule filter is suitable for the filtration of large volumes of liquid and tissue culture fluids as well as aqueous solutions.