String Wound Filter Cartridges

String wound filter cartridges adopt the most advanced design of inner and outer density, which can increase the impurity and prolong the service life by 20 ~ 40% compared with the traditional life.

The surface of string wound filter cartridges is treated with anti-wool treatment to reduce the production of cotton wool, avoid the release of fiber and ensure the quality of filtration.

Applicable scope of string wound filter cartridges
1. PCB wet process;
2. Electroplating process;
3. Petrochemical process;
4. Chemical process;
5. Beverage industry;
6. Pure water prefiltration;
7. Wastewater recovery.

Features of string wound filter cartridges
1. Advanced diamond thread progressive structure – the larger pollutants are intercepted in the outer layer; the tiny suspended matter is captured by the inner layer.
2. PP fiber material, no foaming, won’t extract organic pollution tank liquid and can keep the liquid clean for a long time.
String wound filter cartridges include filter media, inner core, and o-rings/gaskets, whose filtration efficiency≥80%, outer diameter φ63 / 114mm, inner diameter φ28mm, filtration area 0.4.

String Wound Cartridge Filter
String Wound Filter Cartridges
String Wound Cartridge Filters
String Wound Filter Cartridge