Stainless Steel Self-Cleaning Filter Cartridge

SS self-cleaning filter cartridge mainly consists of a blow-down valve, motor, strainer, SS brush, inlet, an outlet, etc., effectively filters out purities, suspended matters, and particles, reduces turbidity, prevents scaling and blocking. Horizontal, vertical and reverse installation modes adapt to multiple application scenarios in industry, agriculture, municipal mains, electronics, medicine, food, printing and dyeing, construction, steel, metallurgy, paper making, etc.

Self-cleaning Process
The pressure difference between the inner side (sewage) and the outer side (purified water) of fine-strainer drives backwashing water to flush away dirt from the filter. Meanwhile, backwashing water flowing over hydraulic motor at high rate drives suction nozzle to thoroughly remove dirt from the filter. The entire cleaning process takes several seconds only, and purified water supply will not be interrupted.

1.Proprietary self-cleaning design;
2.High-precision and wear-free SS filter cartridge;
3.Automatic control of filtration, cleaning, and blow-down without manual operation and purified water supply interruption

1. Filtration precision ranges from 10 μm to 4,000 μm;
2. Optional punching hole (800-40,000 μm ), wedge wire (50-1,000 μm) and braided composite (20-800 μm)