Some Commonly Used Filter Housings

A filter housing should have some advantages, such as high filtering accuracy, high speed, small absorbing amount, no media falling, no dead angle, no leakage, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, easy to clean and recoil function.
Different kinds of filter housing:

Stainless steel liquid filter housing (BJQ):

Different filter membranes can be assembled as required. In line with GMP requirements of food and drug industry, it is ideal filtration equipment for food and drug industry.

BJQ Series Gas Filter Housings BJQ Series Gas Stainless Steel Filter Housing

Stainless steel bag filter housing (BJD):

Sandblasting, grinding and polishing internal and external; easy placement of filter bag; easy to degassing and clean. Different filter bags can be assembled.
Titanium filter housing (BJTI): It is designed to decarburization filtration for pharmaceutical industry.

Bag Filter Housing Stainless Steel BJD Series Bag Filter Housings

Fluorine-lined stainless steel filter housing (BJF):

Also known as breathing apparatus, it is specially produced for removing impurities and bacteria for material tank, reactor, storage tank and other equipment in the pharmaceutical, food and beverage, water treatment and other industries.
Nowadays, there are more and more filter housings researched and developed for different requirements. The above are only some of the commonly used.

BJF Gas Filter Housings BJF Vent Housing Gas Filter Housings