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PP Melt Blown Filter Cartridges

Outer Diameter: Φ 60mm – Φ 115mm
Inner Diameter: Φ 28 mm, Φ 30 mm
Length(based on DOE end cap): 9.75″,9.87″,10″, 20″, 30″,…60″


Description of PP Melt Blown Filter Cartridges

PP melt blown filter cartridges are made by superfine polypropylene fiber, through hot melt winding without any binder, which forms the deep filtration construction. It has big filtration ability and often used in the pre-filer process to protect later filters.


Drinking water pre-filter to protect RO, UF
Industry water, wastewater, pure water filtration
Chemical solvent, Acid-Bases solvent filtration


Deep filtration construction and result in big filterability
High filter rating for the superfine PP fiber
Surface strengthening, no fiber fall off
100% PP which has high resistance to most solvent
Which out any binder introduced

Technical parameters

OD: 60-115mm, also can be customized
ID: 28, 30mm
Length: 9.75″, 9.87″, 10″, 20″, 30″,…60″

Filter media: PP
End cap: PP
Inner core: PP
O-ring: silicone rubber, EPR ( ethylene propylene rubber ), nitrile rubber, fluororubber

Filtration performance
Micron rating: 1, 3, 5,10,25,50,75,100,150
Max. temperature: 82 °C
Max. pressure drop: 2.0 Bar at 21 °C


productrating/umID size/mmOD size/mm(inch)length/inchweight/gpcs/carton
PP melt blown1-10028, 3063 (2.5”)5,10,20,30…70…110, 120, 130, 140, 150g/10”50/100
amboss PP melt blown1-10028, 3063 (2.5”)5,10,20,30…70…130g/10”50/100
pressure melting point PP melt blown1-10028, 3063 (2.5”)5,10,20,30…70…130g/10”50/100
PP melt blown with PP inner core1-10028, 3063 (2.5”)5,10,20,30…70…130g/10”50/100
grooving PP melt blown (3M)1-10028, 3063 (2.5”)10,20,30,40…150g/10”50/100
big PP melt blown1-10028, 30114(4.5”)10,20,30,40…350-380g/10”10/20/30/36
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