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BJTI Titanium Alloy Cartridge Filter Housings

Designed pressure: 6.0 bar(87 psi) within 30 mins
Max. operating pressure: 5.0 bar(72.5 psi)
Max. operating temperature: 180 °C
Ti filter cartridge Micron: 0.45μm-50μm, OD=60 mm


Description of Titanium Alloy Cartridge Filter Housing

Hawach Co., Ltd BJTI titanium alloy cartridge filter housing is designed for the filtration and filtration of ozone sterilization in the pharmaceutical industry.


Stainless steel 304 or 316L filter housing with titanium powder sintered filter cartridges inside to use
Electro-polished filter housing, meet the GMP requirements
High-temperature resistant and wide chemical compatibility
The titanium filter cartridge can work under high temperature, can resist strong acid and alkaline conditions
Long surviving life
The filter could be backflushed and cleaned with chemical solvent, hot water, steam
Easy to install design, easy to clean
Available in tri-clamp connections

Application of Titanium Alloy Cartridge Filter Housing

Widely used for pre-filtration in food & beverage, pharmaceutical, industries, etc.
Particularly suitable for decarburization filtration of LVP/SVP in the pharmaceutical industry
Mineral water, pure water filtration after ozone sterilization
Steam/gas filtration

Technical Data

Model Titanium Filter Cartridge Dimensions (mm)
Number Length D B DN (Outlet/Inlet)
BJTI310 3 10’’ 168 300 25
BJTI510 5 10’’ 200 300 25
BJTI710 7 10’’ 273 310 25
BJTI320 3 20’’ 168 550 32
BJTI520 5 20’’ 200 550 32
BJTI720 7 20’’ 273 560 32


Designed pressure 6.0 bar(87 psi) with in 30 mins
Max. operating pressure 5.0 bar(72.5 psi)
Max. operating temperature 180 ℃
Ti filter cartridge Micron: 0.45 um-50 um, OD=60 mm

Ordering Information

Product Cartridge NOS. Length Material Micron Cartridge type How to order
BJTI 03-three
045-0.45 um
100-1.00 um
5000-50 um
XX- others
YBP-1’’ BSP thread
HBP-1.5’’ BSP thread
Cartridge Nos.: Three,
Length: 10″,
Material: SUS304,
Cartridge Micron: 0.45um,
Selection Code is: BJTI0310304045YBP
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