://Active Block Carbon Filter Cartridges(CTO)

Active Block Carbon Filter Cartridges(CTO)

Outer Diameter: Φ 20mm, Φ 50mm, Φ 65mm, Φ 68mm, Φ 115mm, also can be customized
Inner Diameter: Φ 28 mm, Φ 30 mm
Length(based on DOE end cap): 9.75″,9.87″,10″, 20″, also can be customized



Description of Active Block Carbon Filter Cartridges(CTO)

Active block carbon filter cartridges(CTO) are made by high-performance active carbon powder and food grade rubber powder, it has excellent absorbability and can forbid release powder, which can absorb residual chlorine, taste, organics.


Drinking water treatment
Food liquid pre-filter
Industry wastewater filtration


High absorbability to remove residual chlorine, bad taste, organics
Low-pressure drop, stable water flow
No release powder

Technical parameters


OD: 20, 50, 65, 68, 115mm, also can be customized
ID: 28, 30mm
Length: 9.75″, 9.87″, 10″, 20″, also can be customized


Filter media: coal active block carbon
End cap: PP
Out shell: PP
O-ring: silicone rubber, EPR ( ethylene propylene rubber ), nitrile rubber

Filtration performance

Micro rating: 5, 10
Max. temperature: PP: 52 ℃
Max. operation pressure: 17Bar
Max. pressure drop: 7Bar, 20℃


Construction Materials Filter media Active carbon
Inner core PP non-woven cloth
Outer cage PP non-woven cloth
End cap PP
O-rings / Gaskets (only for 222,226, DOE) Silicone
Operation conditions Micron Rating 5.0 um
Normal Operating Temperature 55℃ (131 oF)
Normal flow pressure 4.0 bar(58psi) a 25℃ (77℉ )
Reverse flow pressure 2.0 bar(29psi) a 25℃ (77℉ )
Filtration efficiency ≥ 90%
Sterilization No recommended
Cartridge Size Outer Diameter Φ 65 (2.5”) mm
Inner Diameter Φ 28mm (1.10″)
Filtration area (m2) 0.4 m2/10”
Length (based on DOE end cap) 10″, 20″, 30″, 40″

Ordering Information

Product & Media Material Micron (μm) End Cap Length O-ring / Gasket
ACB-active carbon block 500-5.0 mm AO-DOE 10-10″
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