Product Features And Uses Of PES Capsule Filter

The capsule filter, also known as the integral filter, uses a folded inlet filter membrane with a large filtration surface area and is suitable for filtration of larger volume solutions.

The filter material is PES/NY/PTFE/PVDF/PP/GF/PS, and polypropylene is used as the support & outer casing, using hot-melt welding (without binder) sealing technology.

The outer polypropylene material of this filter, free of adhesives and other chemicals, ensures no contamination of the sample. The hydrophilic polyethersulfone microporous membrane used in the polyethersulfone (PES) capsule filter has good chemical compatibility and biosafety. High rejection, low extraction, and very low protein adsorption.

product features

Completely biosafety, non-toxic
100% integrity test
Made in a clean environment and kept clean
Available in a variety of apertures

Product Usage

Tissue culture medium filtration
Drugs, cosmetic products, food, and beverage filtration
Remove bacteria or submicron particles
Purification of water, chemicals, and reagents