PP Pleated Membrane Filter Cartridges Application Areas

Hawach PP pleated membrane filter cartridges adopt a folding type, the membrane filtration area is large, the amount of dirt is large, the pressure difference is low, the service life is long, the filter core is 100% pure PP material, and has a wide chemical phase capacity.

1. Production principle and characteristics
Folded polypropylene is an advanced widely used fixed depth filter. All structural materials are made of pure polypropylene. The filter medium is made of polypropylene hot-dissolved fiber membrane without surfactant or adhesive. Has a wide range of chemical suitability.

2. Performance
a. Acid, alkali and other chemical agents and organic solvents corrosion.
b. Hydrophilic and aerobic, widely used in the filtration of various liquids and gases.
c. Can be recoiled, not renewable.
d. The working pressure difference is low. 0.1-0.3 MPa (forward), 0.4 MPa (reverse).

3. Technical parameters
a. Filtration accuracy: 0.1um-40um
b. Filtration efficiency: 98%
c. Working pressure: less than 0.5MPa
d. Working temperature: not higher than 80 °C
e. Flow: 0.3-20T / h

4.Application areas:

a. Electronics industry: Pre-filtration of the reverse osmosis water system, pre-filtration of the deionized water system.
b. Pharmaceutical industry: Filtration of pharmaceutical, biological and plasma products, compressed air, and gas filtration.
c. Food and beverage industry: mineral water, beverages, juice, alcohol filtration.
d. Chemical industry: organic solvents, ink filtration.
e. Oil industry: oilfield water injection filtration.
f. Other: plating solution, metal cutting fluid, photoresist, and magnetic media filtration, etc.