Performance Characteristics Of Filter Cartridge

1. The synthetic high-strength polyester long-fiber nonwovens are selected. The fibers are smooth tubular, intersecting with each other, with smaller openings, more uniform distribution and good filtration performance.

2. The application of polyester long fiber filter material makes the filter cartridge not only have better acid and alkali resistance, higher filtration efficiency and less resistance to the operation but also have incomparable wear resistance, high strength and burst resistance compared with traditional filter material.

Pulse back blowing and other methods are easier to clean ash and can be repeatedly cleaned with water without damage. Filter material, prolong service life.

3. The tough and durable polyester filter material is combined with the anti-corrosion steel mesh supporting structure. The new open folding design increases the effective filtering area and enables the air flow to pass through the surface steadily and barrierlessly.

4. Compared with the traditional filter bag, the filter area is increased by two to three times, the pressure drop is reduced, the filtration efficiency is improved and the service life is prolonged.