Overview of the Filter Cartridge

What is the filter cartridge?

The filter cartridge can separate solid particles from liquid or gas stuff, or make different materials fully get in touch with each other and speed up the reaction time spontaneously. It can also guarantee the normal operation of equipment or the cleanliness of the air. Once the fluid comes into a filter cartridge with a certain size, its impurities have to be blocked with the clean fluid flows out through the cartridge. Then polluted liquids are recovered to the state where the production and life necessity are needed, which, also means that fluids have to achieve a certain purity level.

What can filter cartridges be made of?

The material of filter cartridges generally involves the following six elements.
1. Chemical Fiber Filter cartridge:
This contains glass fiber, metal fiber, sintered felt, polypropylene fiber and polyester fiber.
2. Mesh filter cartridge:
The main composition is the stainless steel mesh.
3. Line gap filter cartridge:
4. Sintered felt:( deeply coordinated with filter materials.)
Common Types
There are loads of cartridge kinds as the table below.

Wire Wound
Folding microporous
Activated carbon
Double section
Titanium Rod
RO reverse osmosis
stainless steel
Pleat Type
Hydraulic Oil