Overview of Filter Bag

General description

With excellent stability and heat resistance in chemical properties,the filter bag greatly presents the highest ability in the filter material industry. It is also the most high-classed type among all commonly used filtration materials and has reached a high level in filtering efficiency and accuracy.

Main characteristics

The filter bag acts a key part in the whole operating process of a bag filter. Usually, the cylindrical filter bag is vertically suspended in the dust catcher. The material and design of filter bags have to be strived for high-efficient filtration, easy to strip dust and durable.
Besides, the filter bag additionally contains the following advantages.
1. The filter cloth belongs to deep filtration, which supports the entire filter layer.
2. The whole filtration layer is formed into a three-dimensional porous structure by fibers in depth, which serves gradient filtration from its inside to outside, from porous to a compact structure.
3. High-contaminative capacity, long filtration life span and low-pressure differential are involved.

Categories of the filter bag

The common sorts of filter bag have been displayed as the chart below.

Classification Basis Type
the shape of the filter bag cross-section flat bag (trapezoidal and flat);

round bag (cylindrical)

the method of air in and out downwind;


downwind and direct current

(limited to flat bags)

the filtering mode of the filter bag external filtering mode;

internal filtering mode

Application environment of the filter bag& the temperature-resistant procedure normal temperature;

medium temperature ;

high temperature