Nylon Pleated Filter Cartridge

Hawach Scientific Nylon membrane has natural hydrophilic, wide chemical compatibility, without surfactant. Nylon folding filter elements in the production process strictly control the production environment to ensure the quality and cleaning of the filter elements. The overall sealing of the filter element is processed by the hot fusion welding technology, which minimizes the degree of oxidation of the filter element and prolongs the service life of the filter element.

The filter elements can be cleaned with chemicals. Nylon and polypropylene, two membranes used to make filter elements, have chemical inertness, no fiber shedding and are safe. Nylon pleated filter cartridge produced by our company has a large filtration area, high flow rate, low resistance, and long service life.

Products feature

1. Using enhanced nylon film
2. Higher strength, better acid, and alkaline resistance
3. 100% integrity test before delivery
4. Pore size distribution is even, filter compatibility is good, practicability is wide
5. No fiber shedding, in line with the requirements of the pharmaceutical and food industry


1.Beverage industry: pure water, mineral water, fruit juice, beer, and wine filtration
2.Pharmaceutical industry: various solvents and liquid filtration
3.Electronic industry: high purity water, distilled water terminal filtration

Specification data

Diameter : 5/10/20/30/40 inch
Pore size : 0.2-5.0 um
Online steam sterilization ,(SIP):121℃,30min
High temperature and high pressure sterilization , 121℃,30min
Biosecurity :
Endotoxin : <0.25EU/mL (10inch)
Dissolution content : ≤25mg (10inch)