Nylon Folded Filter Cartridge And Titanium Alloy Filter Cartridge

As a new type of filter product, the filter cartridge filter is often used in multiple processes such as water purification and solid separation. The purification effect of the filter cartridge is obvious and its maintenance is convenient. Favored by the pharmaceutical industry, market demand continues to rise.

Depending on the material of the filter cartridge, the effectiveness of the filter cartridge also varies greatly. According to the material of the filter cartridge, it is mainly divided into pp filter cartridge filter, wire wound filter cartridge filter, and folding filter cartridge filter, activated carbon filter cartridge and so on. According to the different requirements of enterprises, most filter cartridge filter manufacturers can also improve the targeted inductance value service. Due to the difference in the performance of the element itself, their filtration performance also has a large difference.

The nylon folded filter cartridge sold on the market generally ensures the quality and cleanness effect under the strict control of the production environment during the production process. It is necessary to have a better and clearer understanding of this kind of filter cartridge through the following aspects.

As we have known, the nylon membranes are naturally hydrophilic, which have broad chemical compatibility but with no surfactants contained. Based on this condition, the nylon folded filter cartridge is qualified to have a large filtering area and a high flow rate. Also, it possesses higher strength and better acid and alkali resistance, due to the use of the nylon membrane. Moreover, it could provide a long service life since it formed by hot-melt welding technology, which minimizes the degree of oxidation and guarantees an overall sealing. Especially, its uniform pore size distribution with no fiber shedding is in line with the requirements of the pharmaceutical and food industry.

10 Nylon66 (PN) Membrane Pleated Filter Cartridges
China amboss PP melt blwon filter cartridges

Firstly, it is extremely suitable for various solvent and liquid filtration in the pharmaceutical industry because of its bio-safety. Secondly, it is also available in the beverage industry for the sterile filtration of pure water, mineral water, juice, alcohol, etc. Thirdly, it is also usable for the terminal filtration of high-purity water and distilled water in the electronics industry.

Material Filtration Media of Titanium Alloy Filter Cartridge
Titanium alloy filter cartridge is porous titanium alloy corrosion-resistant materials for the filter element, with high titanium and titanium alloy material with a special high-temperature sintering process, the diameter is easy to control with high porosity, uniform pore size and other characteristics in line with food hygiene requirements long service life, suitable for all kinds of medium gas and liquid filtration, it is widely used in brewing, food, and beverage clarification filter sterilization, but also for bacteria water, mineral water, purified water system, and ozone layout, is a promising new technology, new materials.

Technical Data
Hawach offers complete sizes and types of filter cartridge, the specific technical data is as following: Pore size is 1.0um – 120um; length (inch) includes 10, 20, 30, 40; effective filtration area is (10inches) ≥ 0.42 M2; pressure resistance is 0.5-1.5 Mpa; working temperature is 280℃ / 536℉ (wet); working pressure is ≤ 6.0 bar (≤ 25℃); maximum differential pressure is 4.2 bar; PH value is 1-14. Excellent structure and mechanical performance have made a name for itself in the list of top suppliers of Filter Cartridges.