://Melt-Blown Filter Cartridges (MBPP)

Melt-Blown Filter Cartridges (MBPP)

Melt-blown filter cartridges are shaped filter cartridges, which made of non-toxic and odorless polypropylene particles after heating, melting, spinning, traction.

Melt-blown filter cartridges are not only used in water purification, but also have excellent chemical compatibility, suitable for filtration of the strong acid, strong alkali, and organic solvent.

Features of melt-blown filter cartridges

1. Strong ability to absorb pollution;
2. Long service life;
3. Low cost, widely used;
4. High filtration precision;
5. Large flow and even structure;
6. Good chemical compatibility, no additives, fiber is not easy to fall off.

Application of melt-blown filter cartridges

1. Pharmaceutical industry: pre-filtration of all kinds of injection, medicine liquid and injection bottle washing water, large infusion, various antibiotics, and traditional Chinese medicine injections.
2. Food industry: filtration of alcohol, beverage and drinking water.
3. Petroleum and chemical industry: all kinds of organic solvents, acid, lye filtration, oilfield water filtration.
4. Water industry: all kinds of pure water system pre-filtration and drinking water filtration.

Particulate matter can be effectively captured in the deep layer of melt-blown filter cartridges, and the effectiveness can take effect fully.

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