Manufacturing Techniques Of Filter Bag

Hawach filter bag is made of textile filter cloth or non-textile felt, which can effectively filtrate dusty gas or liquid by fiber fabric, and effectively remove solid and soft particles. The manufacturing environment is safe and clean, which prevents filter bag from contamination in the production process. Because of the high quality and reasonable price, our filter bag has to get a distinguished reputation at home and abroad market.

Specifications of Filter Bag
Hawach filter bag is made of PET、PPT、PPP and NMO, the seal type includes steel rings and polypropylene ring-p, the micron rating is from 5.0um to 100.0um, specifically including 5-500um, 10-1000um, 25-2500um, 50-5000um, 75-7500um, and 100-10000um. Its wide sizes are compatible with many situations, and sizes could be ordered on different request.

Selection of Filter Bag
In order to guarantee a longer service life, it is better to select a filter bag according to its operating temperature, operating pressure, acid-base value, and operating conditions. Besides, usage is also an important consideration in the selection process. The filter bag can be purchased by multi-channel, such as online ordering、telephone ordering、 physical stores and so on.