Maintenance And Operation Of Filter Housing

Maintenance of Filter Housing
Filter housing marketed by Hawach Scientific is of easy operation and low maintenance. The automatic self-cleaning process can be operated alone or in connection to meet different industrial filtration needs.

All required spare parts and materials with a quality certificate or inspection form are prepared. Provided that a breakdown occurred in operation, it is better to remove the equipment parts to check the filter housing, clean the dirty filter housing and replace related filter housing, or check whether the filter seal ring is in good condition, if not, replace it immediately.

Air Filter Housings
BJTI Ti Alloy Cartridge Filter Housings
Bag Filter Housing Stainless Steel

Operation of Filter Housing
In order to achieve good performance, the filter housing should be operated in accordance with the regulate condition; meanwhile, make sure not to exceed the pressure limit or temperature limit. Some of the filter housings are supplied with support legs, enabling free-standing or in-line installation.

Contaminated fluid enters the filter housing and is distributed evenly around the filter housing. The incoming fluid flows out after filtered by the filter housing, and the impurities are intercepted in the filter housing. You can continue to use the filtration system after changing the filter housing. If you need other models, please contact us.