Knowledge Of Filter Bag

The filter bag is an indispensable element in the filtration process, which is suitable for filtering general industrial liquid such as food, chemical, grain, oil, and other chemical liquid. Filter bag provided by our company is made of environmentally friendly materials, it conforms to ISO 9001 standard quality management system, which effectively prevents fiber separation from polluting filtrate and then greatly guarantee the filtration effect.

Kinds of the filter bag

Diverse materials and various specifications are for you to choose from at will. Filter bag falls into different kinds: Polyester Needle(PET)、Polypropylene Needle Felt(PPT)、Polypropylene Plain(PPP) and Nylon Monofilament(NMO). PET and NMO are suitable for working at 130℃, PPT and PPP are for working at 90℃. All of them are available in an aqueous, aliphatic and alkaline environment. Additionally, NMO is compatible with a strongly alkaline environment.

Sizes of the filter bag

There is a wide selection of product size, for instance, the diameter and length are of 180mm*410mm、180mm*810mm 、102mm*210mm 、102mm*356mm and 175mm*870mm. Besides, size could be on your request. This, in turn, corresponding to different flow rate, there are 20(m3/h)、40(m3/h)、6(m3/h)、12(m3/h) and (m3/h).