Introduction Of Non-Woven Filter Bag

The non-woven filter bag is a kind of water purification filter bag with the formed 3D porous structure filter layer. Its loose fiber structure and super-strong permeability can ensure the liquid flux and the capacity of impurities.


The non-woven filter bag is superiorly strong at the performance of dirt holding capacity and high flow rate as well, due to its unique crisscrossed filter structure and the calendering treatment adopted. Also, its depth range of filtration could be accurate between 0.5 to 600μm.

Most of the non-woven filter bag is made of 100% pure polyester fiber filter cloth with high strength, whose high-pressure resistance could directly avoid the damage caused by the increase of fluid pressure during the filtration process. Meanwhile, it also equipped with strong corrosion resistance to the acid and alkaline samples and temperature resistance up to 150 degrees. The low cost and wide application range are also one of its highlight features.


The non-woven filter bag has excellent filtration effects for various types of impurities. It is quite suitable for the filtration of various medium and low viscosity fluids in diverse industries, such as petrochemicals, automobile manufacturing, paint coatings, metal processing, water treatment, pharmaceuticals, food, etc.