Introduction And Performance Of Filter Cartridge

Filter cartridge provided by Hawach Scientific is considered as an excellent alternative to conventional filter bag as its improved performance and design, and it is widely used for the filtration of various impurities in different fields, such as fields in foods, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and electronics.

It is highly appreciated for its high-temperature resistance, high dust holding capacity and chemical abrasion proof design. And it is well known for its easy installation, these filter cartridges need no tool due to their safety lock from the clean side. Specially designed for used in a variety of impurities filtration applications, it is suitable for high dirt loads.

Performance of Filter Cartridge

Filter cartridge supplied by Hawach Scientific has the characteristics of excellent chemical compatibility, superior quality, high flow rate, low-pressure difference, low price, and wide filtration precision. Large filter area and depth filtration provide a long lifetime of the filter cartridge.

The filter medium in cartridges is easy to adjust depending on the nature of the application. We offer this cartridge to clients in a wide selection of lengths and filter areas for meeting different needs.