Hawach Scientific PTFE Filter Capsule

The fold-type inlet filter membrane is adapted for the filtration of large surface area and suitable for the filtration of large volume solution. The filter, which is made of polypropylene, is free of adhesives and other chemicals and is not meant to contaminate the sample. Hydrophobic polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) filter membrane is used for solvent and corrosive solution filtration.

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Products feature
1.High flow rate, low dissolution, low-pressure difference
2.Disposable design, safe and convenient
3.Clean environment production
4.Low retention volume


1.Gas sterilization filtration
2.Filtration of water and chemical reagents
3.Ink filter
4.Corrosive liquid
5.Photoresist filtration in LOD production
6.Air and gas filtration
7.Optical storage industry CD-R, DVD-R fuel in the production of filtration
8.The chemical industry, bio-pharmaceuticals, laboratories and other solvents, pharmaceutical filtration

Specification data

Diameter : 3.2inch/82.4mm
Length : 81.5inch/207mm
In/out : Φ1inch/25.4mm
Filtration area: ≥ 2.2tf²/0.2m²
Maximum service temperature: 80℃