Hawach Scientific PP Filter Capsule

Hawach Scientific PP filter capsule adopts laminated membrane, large surface area, suitable for a larger volume of solution filtration, sealed by a special process, free of adhesives and other chemicals. The shell and support materials are made of high-quality polypropylene, and the filter medium is polypropylene film. The polypropylene structure has stable performance and wide chemical compatibility.

High filtration efficiency and purity. It is widely used for filtering various solvents under different PH and temperature conditions. More detail information from info@hawach.com.

Products feature

1. Steam or ETO can be used for pressure heating disinfection
2. Hydrophobic polypropylene film and polypropylene shell are corrosion resistant
3. The durable low-pressure difference, high flow, long service life
4. Wide applicability


1. Pharmaceutical industry: filtration of pharmaceutical liquids, cell fragments, biological products, etc
2. Chemical industry: filter organic solvent, chemical reagent, ink, electroplating solution, etc
3. Food industry: drinking water, mineral water, beverages, beer, wine, wine, and other filtration
4. Electronic industry: prefiltration of the reverse osmosis water system and prefiltration of the deionized water system
5. Gas filtration: compressed air, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, etc
6. Other industries: photosensitive resist, magnetic media, and other filtration

Specification data

Diameter: 3.2inch/82.4mm
Length: 81.5inch/207mm
In/out: Φ1inch/25.4mm
Filtration area: ≥ 2.2tf²/0.2m²
Maximum service temperature: 80℃
Positive pressure difference: liquid: 3.5bar@23℃,3.0bar@60℃; gas : 3.0bar@23℃,2.5bar@60℃
Sterilize: can be affected by three consecutive 121 ℃ high-pressure steam sterilization, sterilization online is not recommended