Hawach Scientific PES Filter Capsule

Filters of capsule type are also called the integral type filters, which use the folding type import filter membrane, and their filtration surface areas are big, so they suit the bigger volume solution filtration. Hawach capsule filters, made of polypropylene and free from adhesives and other chemicals, do no contaminate to the samples. PES microporous membrane has perfect chemical compatibility and biosafety. High retention, extremely low extraction, and protein adsorption, Hawach PES filter capsule deserves your attention if you need this type of filters. More detail information from info@hawach.com
Products feature
1. It has complete biological safety and no toxicity
2. 100% integrity test available
3. Produced in a clean environment and maintained in a clean state
4. You can choose from a variety of apertures
1. Tissue culture medium filtration
2. Filtering of medicines, cosmetics, food and beverage
3. Bacteria or submicron particles removed
4. It can be used in the filtration of chemicals, water and reagents.
Specification data
Material: PES
Support & housing: PP
Sealing technology: Thermal fusion welding (without binder)
Diameter: 3.2inch/82.4mm
Length: 81.5inch/207mm
In/out: Φ1inch/25.4mm quick interface
Drain/exhaust: Φ0.2inch/5mm intubation
Filtration area: ≥ 2.2tf²/0.2m²
Maximum service temperature: 80℃
Positive pressure difference: liquid: 3.5bar@23℃,3.0bar@60℃
Gas: 3.0bar@23℃,2.5bar@60℃
Sterilize: can be affected by three consecutive 121 ℃ high pressure steam sterilization, sterilization online is not recommended.