Hawach Introduction And Performance Of Filter Cartridge

Introduction of Filter Cartridge

Filter cartridge supplied by Hawach Scientific is suitable for a variety of filtration applications. Its special design can overcome the temperature and chemical compatibility limitations of traditional fiber media. And it will offer really high-temperature resistance and can withstand high differential pressure.

It can be either plain cylindrical or in pleated configuration to increase filtration area. Additionally, it is supported with coarser filter media to ensure no direct damage is inflicted to filter media under process upsets. And its hygienic design ensures low product hold up and reduces product loss.

Performance of Filter Cartridge

Hawach Scientific filter cartridge is made of an extremely strong material with precise weaving to ensure consistent pore sizes. The composition is complete and does not contain any chemical contaminants. In the design process, it adopts a hydrophilic mixed cellulose membrane, which provides high throughput, high rejection rate, high pure water flush, and low protein adsorption performance.

Additionally, it is suitable for the filtration of high-value biological due to low binding capacity and multiple-layer filter. It’s excellent compatibility make it can react with various process liquids.

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