Formaldehyde-absorbing Air Filter Cartridge

Optimized composition and higher capacity

New formaldehyde-absorbing air filter cartridge consists of two super-thick PET layers (bottom and top layer), a HEPA layer and an improved activated carbon layer. Improved coconut shell-based activated carbon has absorbing capacity of 1.6 times ordinary activated carbon. Porous matrixes combined with formaldehyde cleaning composition actively traps formaldehyde molecule.


1. Bottom PET layer absorbs dust, allergic agent and hair;
2. HEPA layer absorbs particles 100 times smaller than PM 2.5;
3. Improved activated carbon layer absorbs formaldehyde, methylbenzene and other noxious gas;
4. Bottom PET layer absorbs bacteria.


1. Particle CCM up to P4/57,000mg, formaldehyde CCM F4/11,600mg;
2. Particle CADR up to 600m3/h, formaldehyde CADR up to 610m3/h;
3. Low noise: 35-64 dB (a); silent mode for night operation;
4. Optional power level to fit with different space sizes;
5. Aesthetic profile, small size, and movable wheels;
6. Openable cover to facilitate cartridge replacement;
7. APP for remote on/off control, model switch, service life display and reminding, air quality monitoring and recording, filter cartridge change, online technical support, etc.