Five Kinds Of Hawach Filter Housings

Hawach filter housing is an equipment that is commonly used to filtrate or purify samples in pharmaceutical, electronics, chemical, and other fields. Due to an optimized construction, Hawach’s filter housing offers low differential pressures at high flow rates and compatible with high pressure or high-temperature applications.

A multitude of various housings with different connections makes it suitable for high standard filtration. Smooth and round corner design greatly eliminates dead angles and media shedding. All Hawach’s filter housings conform to the requirements of international standards for simple pressure vessels.

Highlights of Filter Housing
Hawach Scientific always makes an endeavor to produce high-quality, cost-effective filter housing, and make great achievement in less adsorption, high filtration accuracy, and excellent corrosion resistance. It is of extremely robust construction and high mechanical strength, which is ideal for strong acid and alkali.

Complete stainless steel structure and polished inner wall design provide convenient maintenance and long service time. It is the perfect choice for cost-sensitive applications that need a reliable analysis result and good sealing capabilities. And Hawach almost available all kinds of filter housings, contact us for detailed information.

Hawach is home to five kinds of filter housings to meet different requirements.

1. Stainless steel liquid filter housing BJH:
It is internally ground and polished, no dead angle, low flow resistance, acid and alkali resistance, easy to clean; can be equipped with different filter cartridges according to requirements, in line with food and pharmaceutical GMP requirements, which is the ideal filtration equipment for the food and pharmaceutical industry;

316 Stainless Steel Filter Housing
BJD Series Bag Filter Housing
BJQ Series Gas Filter Housings

2. Stainless steel gas filter housing BJQ:
Stainless steel gas filter The outer casing is made of all stainless steel, and the airflow design is the best; the inlet and outlet pipes are on the same straight line, and the filter can be replaced by removing the upper cylinder, which is simple and safe. It is specially used for gas sterilization filtration; the other features are the same as stainless steel liquid filter BJH.

3. Stainless steel bag filter housing BJD
The bag filter is a coarse filter with a filter bag as a filter medium, which has a large flow rate, a quick replacement of the filter bag, easy cleaning of the filter bag, and low cost. Applicable to a variety of industries such as biology, chemicals, oils, beverages, alcohol, etc., suitable for coarse filtration operations or the interception of particulate matter and foreign matter in liquids.

Sandblasting or grinding and polishing inside and outside, no dead angle, small flow resistance, reasonable result, convenient to place filter bag, acid and alkali resistance, convenient to clean and disinfect; can be equipped with different filter bags, in line with GMP requirements, ideal filtration equipment for industries such as food and pharmaceutical;

4.Titanium filter housing BJTI:
Specially designed for decarbonization filtration in the pharmaceutical industry as well as the filtration of mineral water, purified water, and ozone sterilization;

5.Fluorine-lined stainless steel filter housing BJF:
Also known as a respirator, it is specially produced for the removal of impurities and bacteria during the feeding, discharging and gas exchange of materials, reactors, storage tanks, etc. in the pharmaceutical, food and beverage, water treatment and other industries.