Filter Media For Filter Capsule

The filter capsule is also called the submerged filter, it uses a folding membrane with a large filter surface area. It is suitable for the filtration of a large volume of solution.

The shell of the filter capsule is made of polypropylene and does not contain any adhesives and other chemicals. This ensures zero pollution to the samples. In the meantime, the filter capsule provides different bore diameters for the user’s choice, and it can be autoclave sterilized.

According to different characters of the filtering objects, the filter capsule adopts different filter mediums. In general, the hydrophobicity polytetrafluoroethylene membrane is suitable for filtration of the solvent, corrosive solution, air, and air vent.

When referring to hydrophilic polypropylene membrane, it is mostly applied to the filter capsule which is for reverse osmosis, ultrafiltration and ink filtration. Basically, it is also suitable for filtering water solution and solvent sample.

Also, some filter capsules select nylon membrane with the characters of high flow rate and low level of extractable matter. By using the prefilter medium which contains glass fiber, it can extend the service life of nylon membrane.

Commonly, the filter capsule with nylon membrane is suitable for filtration of samples with large volumes and which are difficult to be filtered.

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