Filter Cartridges

Filter cartridges are purification equipment, with long service life, strong pollution capacity and low pressure and other characteristics, which are suitable for pharmaceutical, food, petroleum, electronic, chemical, metallurgical and textile industries.

Features of filter cartridges
1. Excellent chemical compatibility, suitable for filtering strong acid, strong alkali, and organic solvents;
2. Large filtration area;
3. The low-pressure difference, strong pollution carrying capacity, long service life;
4. Wide filtering accuracy;
5. Protect the engine while meeting the intake amount of air;
6. Effectively reduce the noise caused by air intake from the engine;
7. Fuel economy

Applicable scope of filter cartridges

Vacuum coating, machinery, optical disc, metallurgy, petroleum, chemical industry, papermaking, food, medicine, electronics, electric power, ceramics, water diversion, printing and dyeing, sugar making, refrigeration equipment, and other fields.

Kinds of filter cartridges
1. Membrane pleated filter cartridges;
2. Metal filter cartridges;
3. Microfiber pleated filter cartridges;
4. Others.

The service life of filter cartridges

According to the raw materials used, the service life of the filter element will be different. With the extension of service time, impurities in the water will block the filter element.

Multi Pleated Filter Cartridges
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