Filter Cartridge Classification

The water filter cartridge is generally divided into MF (microfiltration), UF (ultrafiltration), NF (nanofiltration) and RO (reverse osmosis) and SF (sodium-ion exchanger filtration) for different purposes.


1.MF: PPF (5-25 micron); active carbon granule and bar (5 micron); KDF of copper and zinc particles; ceramic cartridge of silicate-based materials (0.1 micron);
2.UF: ultrafiltration membrane of polypropylene/ cellulose acetate fiber (0.01 micron);
3.NF: nanofiltration membrane of polypropylene/ cellulose acetate fiber (0.001 micron);
4.RO: reverse osmosis membrane of polyamide fiber (0.0001 micron);
5.SF: sodium-ion exchanger

Filtration Purpose

1.MF: iron scale, sand, large-size particles, colloidal substance, protein, toxic gas (chlorine), residual chlorine, odor, organic matter, and some bacteria;
2.UF: bacteria, virus, micro-cluster substance;
3.NF: some ionic-state substance and heavy metal;
4.RO: bacteria, virus, microorganism, thermonatrite, heavy metal, and ionic-state substance;
5.SF: calcium and magnesium ions.


1.MF: vulnerable to blocking and secondary pollution; time and cost consuming in cleaning; undeveloped chemical process technology;
2.UF: useless for mineral substance and limescale; vulnerable to blocking;
3.NF, RO, and SF: mainly used in spacecraft, submarine and medical care