Filter Capsule for Sterile Water

Nowadays, cross-infection problems in hospital and other medical institutions are drawing more and more attention from the public, especially the sterile water treatment for washing and cleaning in the hospital. Consequently, the filter capsule for sterile water greatly properly shows its function to improve the medical sterilization.

Instruction of Use
The sterile water filter capsule consists of a double-layer cellulose membrane and polypropylene filter support. With the lightweight and convenient inlet and outlet joints, it may connect with the faucet quickly and effortlessly. There are various filter capsule models with different sizes of the joints provided for the users to choose. All of them could ensure to effectively filter and remove the bacteria with high bacteria retention rate and superior performance.

Cleanness of Filter Capsule
The sterile water filter capsule is allowed to be repeatedly used after the sterilization process with high pressure. Usually, it is dealt with the 120℃/bar for 30 minutes or 134℃/2 bar for 15 minutes. In this way, excellent cleanness and performance could be maintained during the period of use.

Quality Inspection
The sterile water filter capsule goes to the market only after a strict inspection under the international standard quality control system, such as USP Class VI Plastics Test and etc.