Filter Bag Performance And Maintenance

Filter bag adopts advanced hot melt bonding technology and uses pure sewing thread, which guarantees excellent sealing performance and avoids the secondary pollution. It has reasonable material selection, high intensity, good tightness, and corrosion resistance. Besides, it is characterized in stable and reliable operation. The filtration efficiency is high, the filter flow is particularly large.

Maintenance of Filter Bag

Cleaned immediately after use, the step is as follows: remove the filter bag, pour out the dust and foreign matter, then soak it in clean water, rinse and pat it gently until the filter bag is cleaned. After cleaned, the filter bag should be placed in an aired and clean area, in case of damage, then carefully check the condition of filter bag, if it is damaged, replace the filter bag in time. If it is in idle, the temporary unused filter bag should be sealed in clean plastic bags or sealed boxes.

Additional Notes of Filter Bag

The micron rating is 5.0um-100.0um, the welded seam is 100%, these property endow filter bag for long service life and small resistance. Besides, the filter bag is operated conveniently and reliably, the after-sales service is excellent.