Features and Applications of Capsule Filters

Capsule filters are available in various sizes and can be autoclaved, which have four interfaces, two of which inlet and outlet of the filtered liquid are in the middle. One of the two sides is a vent, the other is a drain.

Features of capsule filters
1. 1/4 male thread interface, and various adaptors are available for conversion.
2. No filter cartridge device is required, which reduces the risk of spatter and leakage compared with the traditional filtration method, and is convenient to install.
3. It can be used as a prefilter and a terminal filter to meet extremely stringent filtering requirements.

1. RFPT capsule filters are suitable for solvent and corrosive solution filtration, air and gas vent filtration.
2. RFPP capsule filters are suitable for reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration prefilter, ink filter.
3. The characteristics of RFPN capsule filters are fast flow rate and low extractable content. Glass fiber pre-filtration medium can be chosen and the service life of nylon membrane can be extended. Suitable for large volume samples filtration and samples that are difficult to filter.