FAQs Of HAWACH Filter Cartridge

Hawach filter cartridge is available in a variety of configurations for different applications. High-temperature media and multiple filter media also allow it to be used in diverse working conditions. Hawach filter cartridge offers a larger filter area and improves the filtration capacity.

Compared with the traditional filter cartridge, it dramatically increases filtration efficiency while operating at significantly higher temperatures and pressure conditions. The optimized design in the whole structure allows for a larger drop out area and less risk for equipment abrasion.

Features of Filter Cartridge
Hawach pursuits perfect product design and sticks to strict quality standards. All filter cartridges are of smooth surface to reduce sample residues on the bottle and easy clean. And excellent dust release procedure is adopted to maintain a clean production environment according to diverse requirements in applications.

Airtight gasket accessories are available based on different temperature conditions to avoid potential risks in operation. Superior filter materials are selected to guarantee the filter cartridge provides with tight pore structure and excellent moisture resistance. The application temperature is up to 100ºC, durable and rigid material also endows it a greater withstanding performance.

Advantage of Filter Cartridge
Hawach filter cartridge is noted for a good reputation and superior product quality. The overall design of the filter cartridge is exquisite, the rubber gasket can ensure good airtight sealing, the rust-resistance perforated zinc galvanized metal inner core is beneficial for airflow, the smooth inner space is easy to clean and the flame retardant coating can greatly avoid risk in fluid splashing.

Hawach Multi Pleated Filter Cartridges
big PP melt blown filter cartridge
big T33 filter cartridge

The uniform space can achieve an excellent filtering effect, and the resistance to chemical reagents is all good. Hawach filter cartridge is a good choice for filtering in the chemical fields such as a medicament, impregnate and water treatment, and pre-filtering before various treatments for industrial water.

Types of Filter Cartridge
Hawach is available in diverse types of filter cartridge such as microfiber pleated filter cartridge, metal filter cartridge, membrane pleated filter cartridge and so on.

All of them have good performance and reliable quality and have withstood a series of tests in production procedures. Diverse types of filter cartridge can meet different needs of the customer. Contact us for more details or assistance in product selection.

1. Does the filter cartridge have the same standard in different fields?
No, filter cartridges have different quality requirements for different application areas, for example, the food production process has higher requirement: Class 100,000 clean workshop + high purity water rinse 4H, in line with FDA food safety regulations; the filter cartridge has PP long-fiber nonwoven fabric inner guide layer and non-woven fabric outer guide layer.

Water treatment production process: Clean workshop + sterile air purge; rejection rate 80-90%. The inner and outer guiding layers are non-woven fabrics.

2. When will it be delivered after payment?
After the filter cartridge is produced, it will go through some sort of cleaning process. At the same time, there is still the integrity test of the filter cartridge, and finally, it is dried in the oven for 24 hours before it can be packed out.

3. What kind of information you should provide when purchasing a filter cartridge?
Application filed: related to the membrane quality
Filtration accuracy: 0.22 or 1.0
Connector type: The joint is divided into a lower joint and an upper joint, that is, both ends of one filter cartridge;
Also, the length needs to be provided.th needs to be provided.