Description of Hawach Filter Capsules

The filter capsules are ready-to-use units for the filtration of media containing particles. They are also used for removing biologicals in pharmaceutical and biotechnology applications. Other applications are like easy sample preparation, separation of cell debris, filtration of serum and cell culture media.

The filter capsules that we have can be found in a variety of specifications sizes and different types. With the standard NPT or saw-genlock interface, you can find its inlet, outlet and exhaust outlets are well equipped to meet your needs. It will ensure connecting pipes of different sizes through the corresponding swivel joints. The installation is always fast and convenient.

Under ISO 9001 standard quality system, we make better filter capsules in 100,000 class cleaning room. The micron rating can reach 0.01um-50.0um. with wide adaptability, they provide in a variety of filter material selection configuration for different volume filtration.

Our filter capsules are the basic purification tool and commodity of many pharma and biotech processes, beverage production, laboratory and general purpose applications, Fitting for purpose, correct quality, and reliable on delivery too.

Filter Capsules