Combined Filter Cartridge

A combined filter cartridge is an assembly of multiple filter cartridge cells, featuring higher filtration efficiency and larger cleaning area than the single-filter cartridge. It is suitable for the treatment of finer dust and collection of dust in a larger area.

It is mainly applied to dust collectors in the field of steelmaking, grinding material melting, calcium carbide furnace, blast furnace gas cleaning, pulverized coal making and pneumatic transmission, bituminous concrete producing, carbon black making, building materials making, fire-resistant materials making, chemical industry, aluminum electrolysis, aluminum and zinc smelting, etc.

1. It is applicable to variations of dust-containing gas and can be designed as non-standard models as needed by users;
2. Special construction with high-quality filter materials and accessories meets rigid environment protection requirements, with emission concentration lower than 50mg/Nm3;
3. Optimized design of air inlet and outlet and even air distribution arrangement inside minimize air leakage rate below 4%;
4. The split structure makes handling and erection easy;
5. High-quality filter and accessories guarantee long service life.
6. Optimized design in overall structure and operation parameters improves operation efficiency and reduces energy consumption, thus saving operation and maintenance cost.