Cleaning Methods Of Stainless Steel Filter Cartridge

By using stainless steel fiber sintered felt web and stainless steel is woven mesh as the main filter medium, the stainless steel filter cartridge provides a great convenience for lots of experiments with large filtering area and high filtration efficiency. To keep its superior performance, it is necessary to maintain the filter cartridge periodically. Therefore, here are several cleaning methods provided below.

Ultrasonic Cleaning Method
This cleaning method employs the longitudinal wave as the cleaning liquid to generate a certain number of small enough vacuum bubbles. These bubbles will burst when they cannot withstand the pressure, whose impact force would be used to achieve the cleaning process of the stainless steel filter cartridge.

Reverse-water Cleaning Method
The reverse-water cleaning method sometimes referred to as the backwashing method, utilizes the inert gas, such as nitrogen, to backwash the stainless steel filter in its opposite direction.

Solution Cleaning Method
The solution cleaning method is to soak the stainless steel filter cartridge with a 5% sodium hydroxide solution or nitric acid solution for an hour. According to its degree of contamination, the soaking time can be extended or shortened. Finally, just dry it naturally with clean air.