Capsule Filters Introduction

Capsule filters, also known as the integrated filter, adopt fold-type inlet membrane, which has a large surface area and are suitable for the filtration of large-volume solutions.
Capsule filters, which are made of polypropylene, are free of adhesives and other chemicals and are not meant to contaminate the sample.
Types of capsule filters
1. RFPT filter capsules use hydrophobic polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) filter membrane;
2. RFPP filter capsules use hydrophilic polypropylene (PP) filter membrane;
3. RFPN filter capsules use nylon membrane.
Features of capsule filters
With housing, can be used directly, no stainless steel housing, cost savings. Simple installation, easy to use, reduce spatter and leakage. Available in various sizes and shapes (thread, hose, etc.) to meet a variety of conversion interface. Suitable for filtering 1-20 liters of laboratory filtration and all kinds of machine terminal filtration.
Application of capsule filters
1. Prefiltration of reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration;
2. Filtration of aqueous and solvent samples;
3. Filtration of chemical industry ink and fuel, development fluid;
4. Filtration of viscous liquids in the food industry;
5. Filtration of corrosive liquids in the pharmaceutical industry.