Capsule Filter Overview

Composed of a filter medium encased in a plastic housing, the filter capsule is a kind of self-contained unit which can be connected in-line to a sample-delivery system, such as a submersible or peristaltic pump. The unit can generate sufficient positive or negative pressure to force water through the filter.

Filter capsule is designed for fast processing and final filtration of aqueous samples, and it’s good at providing efficient processing and enhanced throughput of difficult-to-filter solutions via an in-line installation. The filter capsule is required for most studies when your application is to filter samples for trace element analysis.

We guarantee that our products do not have any adhesives and other chemicals contained. The shell of the filter capsules are made of high-temperature polypropylene material, as well as the filter cartridges in the capsules are made of hot-melt welding with folded filter cartridges. Perfect for the small dosage of liquid and gas rapid filtration in the lab, you can find our filter capsules in a variety of specifications size and different types with different filter membrane and different pore size can be chosen.