Brief Intro Of Hawach Filter Cartridges

To obtain precise results, laboratory filtration is one of the most important techniques in the lab. Hawach has a lot of premium filtration supplies for your laboratory filtration applications. From filter cartridge to filter bag, filter capsule and filter housing, Hawach laboratory filtration products are designed just for you.

Hawach offers big and small filter cartridges for lab-scale and product development applications. All cartridge filters can be specified with a wide range of media options and offer superior performance for clarification, purification, and pre-filtration through sterilizing-grade filtration.

Hawach filter cartridges provide high flow rates, low protein binding, and broad chemical compatibility. For your special applications, we offer pleated filter cartridge, membrane pleated filter cartridges, metal filter cartridge, micro fiber pleated filter cartridge, and others.

Hawach filter cartridges go through cleaning processes and filter integrity tests. The cartridges will be finally drying 24 hours before packing out. They can be widely used in foods, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and electronics.

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