Brief And Application Of Filter Housing

Brief Introduction to Filter Housing

Filter housing provided by Hawach Scientific is designed for the purification of liquid or gas materials in an industrial operation. It can be matched with different filter elements due to the modular design. A several of housings with different connections, single or multiple, can satisfy the requirements of the diverse application.

An optimized construction provides differential pressure at high flow rates and as a standard. Besides, the filter housing is made of high-quality materials which makes it conform to quality specifications.

Application of Filter Housing

Hawach Scientific is quality conscious and has flexible quality control standards, which ensures excellent product and perfect after-sale service. Meanwhile, Hawach continuously strengthens the technical and advance development in the filter field to satisfy all the customer’s requirements in markets. And with all these efforts it is ideal for a wide range of applications.

Customers can choose proper filter housing according to practical needs. The whole set of the filter housing is of unique casting design, which guarantees the replacement is quick and convenient, and the cleaning is very convenient and thorough.

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